Disfigured war veteran comes face-to-face with 5-year-old girl, watch her react to him and his scars

Being in a war and a war zone changes your life forever.

Some veterans will come back and feel fine – but most veterans will live with their mental and physical scars for a long time to come.

Simon Brown served in the British army for 13 years, but his life was changed forever the day he was hit by an enemy sniper.

Simon was on his third tour in Iraq and on the day of his injury, Simon had successfully rescued six of his colleagues whose vehicle had broken down.

Just as he completed the operation, a sniper shot Simon in the face.

Having successfully rescued his fellow comrades, Simon Brown took a bullet to the face, one that left him partially blind and requiring 25 surgeries.

Simon’s colleagues rushed him to emergency treatment, where he was given a lifesaving tracheotomy to let him breathe. After that, he was airlifted to a hospital.

The hero soldier spent 17 days in a coma. When he woke up, the doctors told him that his face was permanently disfigured by the gunshot.

Simon was forced to undergone dozens of reconstructive operations and countless hours of surgery, according to Daily Mail.

His cheekbones and nose were reconstructed using titanium, his jaw broken and remoulded and a prosthetic eye fitted.

Needless to say, Simon went through an incredibly tough period, both physically and mentally.

His new face left him void of all former confidence. But that was until he met five-year-old Temperance Pattinson…

This wonderful little girl has always been fascinated by war heroes. For example, Temperance supports veterans by participating in events like charity mini-triathlons.

In this heartwarming clip below, Temperance’s lifelong dream comes true: She finally gets the chance to meet a real-life soldier as part of Help for Heroes’ Facing It Together campaign.

Simon went into the meeting completely unsure of how the little girl would react to his severe scars.

But it only took just a few seconds before I understood why the clip of their special meeting is spreading like a wildfire…

This child that is raised with love, respect and morals see all as equals and beautiful beings. 

And you Simon will always be a hero because you faced the enemy head on to this day. Even though there maybe unseen scares you did/do it for all of mankind. Thank you Sir for your heart!

Please don’t forget: Children aren’t bothered with appearance or looks. They might ask If it is something they’ve never seen before. They get an answer and then it’s ok. They see what is inside a person. As we grow, we seem to forget how to do that.

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