Diver spots glass bottle moving – then captures footage of animal that goes viral

So many weird and wonderful creatures can be found in our oceans, some of them still yet to be discovered. In fact more is known about the surface of the moon than what lies on our sea beds.

Our oceans cover 71 percent of the earth’s surface – which means that we really do live on a blue planet.

Watching footage taken by divers, brave enough to venture deep into our oceans, and seeing all the weird and wonderful creatures often feels like you’re watching life on another planet.

This footage was captured a few years ago in Blairgowrie in Victoria, Australia. A diver captured something so puzzling you can’t help but watch to the end to find out what it is. It’s both beautiful and bizarre.

Photo: YouTube

The small beer bottle is just lying on the ocean bed. It looks so out of place in such beautiful surroundings and clearly belongs in the trash, where it should have been put.

But this beer bottle seems to have a guest.

Photo: YouTube

Suddenly, the diver spots the guest trying to emerge from the bottle. It’s just a long white thing at first and impossible to identify.

It all looks very scary, but it is also incredibly exciting.

Photo: YouTube

The more you look at it, the more fascinating it becomes. Nature can often be a strange thing.

Photo: YouTube

The creature squeezes itself out of this tiny bottle and almost inflates into a  — beautiful octopus.

Photo: YouTube

It’s so amazing how small this octopus was able to become to squeeze out of the bottle. 

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