Mystery illness leaves woman sick for 10 years – then 3 unlikely heroes make startling discovery

Getting the flu is miserable; it forces us to take to our beds as aches and pains take over our body and all we can do is sleep.

But imagine feeling like you have the flu for ten years?

This was a painful reality for 41-year-old Kathi Wilson, who spent more hours than she could count at her doctors and in her local hospital waiting for tests to be carried out.

Yet nobody knew what was wrong with her.

Her healthy deteriorated and eventually Kathi struggled to walk, talk and spent all day every day fighting fatigue.

Eventually Kathi discovered what was making her so ill, thanks to three men who arrived at her home in a pickup.


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YouTube/Inside Edition

It was ten years after Kathi Wilson’s nightmare began, when she decided to reward herself with a new bathroom. After struggling against a mysterious disease for a decade, Kathi just wanted a sanctuary that she could retire to.

So, she hired a team of construction workers who came out to her house to complete all the necessary upgrades.

In upgrading her shower, they had to work on her furnace and water heater and it was then that they made a startling discovery.

YouTube/Inside Edition

They discovered that the furnace and water heater in Kathi’s home had been improperly fitted and was leaking small amounts of carbon monoxide.

This dangerous gas is known as the “silent killer” because it’s colorless, odorless and tasteless.

For the last decade tiny amounts of this gas had been leaking into Kathi’s home, in Indiana, causing all kinds of health problems.

Thanks to these three workmen Kathi was able to recover from her ordeal and despite still not getting her voice back completely, she feels better than she’s ever done.

Want to know more about this incredible story, and about the dangerous gas that plagued Kathi’s home, then watch the clip below:

Thankfully, Kathi is now on the mend! Just imagine what could have happened if she hadn’t decided to have her bathroom remodeled?

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