Ellen DeGeneres has her own celebration for students who play cruel homecoming prank on teen

Navigating your teenage years is not an easy task, the emotions, the confusion and possibly worse of all: the attitudes from other teens at school.

Teenagers can be mean and don’t always treat each other with the kindness we must all show our fellow humans. For Lilian Skinner, she was made to feel like she didn’t fit in by her peers.

So, when she heard hat she was going to be nominated for homecoming queen she was so excited and felt like finally she had been accepted. But when she saw the nomination paper, her name wasn’t on it and she realized it had all been a cruel prank.

That’s when two girls stepped in and decided to make things right. Their actions caught the attention of Ellen who rewarded them all with a very special treat live on her TV show …

The Ellen Show

Despite Lillian’s name not being on the nomination paper, two girls she had known since seventh grade Anahi Alvarez and Naomi Martinez were nominated.

When Ahani and Naomi discovered that Lilian’s nomination had been a prank, they stepped in and decided to turn the tables on those cruel bullies.

The two girls campaigned so hard to be crowned queen and it all paid off when Ahani was announced as homecoming queen!

She gracefully took her crown at her Texas school and then handed it over to Lilian declaring her as the true homecoming queen.

The Ellen Show

Th heartwarming actions of these two girls quickly went viral and reached TV host and mega celebrity Ellen Degeneres, who invited them onto her show for a special surprise.

Ellen told the girls how amazing they were and then announced she was going to have The Ellen Show’s first Homecoming Queen celebration.

The three sweet teens look visibly shocked as Ellen hands them a crown and sash. But that’s not all Ellen has in store for them.

See their absolute amazement when Ellen makes a special announcement in the clip below.

These girls are such a wonderful example to us all. Please share to pay tribute to their amazing actions and help to inspire others.