Elvis Presley's grandson is all grown up – here's what he looks like today

Elvis Presley’s grandson is all grown up – here’s what he looks like today

There’s only on King! Elvis Presley captured the hearts of generations with his unique voice and rock-and-roll persona. His music lives on today and is undoubtedly timeless.

After Elvis’ death on August 16, 1977 in Memphis, Tennessee, there have been many who refuse to believe he’s gone, and there are plenty of conspiracy theories. Personally I’ve never been convinced by any of them. I’ve preferred to just enjoy the music left behind by a musical legend and cultural icon.

But when I saw these pictures of Elvis’ only grandson – Lisa Marie’s 25-year-old son – Benjamin, I was almost convinced! I just had to share these, he’s the spitting image of his grandfather.

Elvis crashed on to the scene as a 20 year old, and today his only grandson is all grown up. Benjamin is leaving Elvis fans all over the world in awe at the likeness between him and his grandfather. You could almost be tricked into thinking that Elvis is still alive…

Elvis was married to Priscilla Presley and they had one child together – Lisa Marie Presley, who has four children.


Sadly, Elvis never got to meet his grandchildren, but now his only grandson has grown up to look just like him.

The King of Rock and Roll was born in Mississippi and moved to Tennessee when he was 13. His career began in the mid-50s when he recorded a song with Sam Phillips for Sun Records. Shortly after, Elvis signed a record deal with RCA Victor and released his first big hit. “Heartbreak Hotel” quickly rose to the top of the charts.

Towards the end of the 60’s Elvis had become one of the most influential artists in rock and roll.

His appearances were provocative for some, but the people who attended his performances remembered it for the rest of their lives!

Elvis had an amazing stage presence and always filled the room with energy and charisma.

When he died of a heart attack in 1977, the world grieved a rock icon.

The King never got to meet his grandson, but 25-year-old Benjamin is nearly identical to him:

Posted by Benjamin Storm Keough Presley on Thursday, June 27, 2013


Benjamin Keough never followed in his grandfather’s footsteps, but still the similarities are incredible.


What do you think? How much does Benjamin look like his grandfather?

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