Emotional woman says she’s divorced after 44 years of marriage, looks 20 years younger after makeover

A divorce is never easy to go through. Although it can lead to something much better, the initial transition can be very painful.

Vicki had been married for 44 years when she got divorced and was single for the first time since she was 18 years old.

The newly single lady from Dallas, Texas, is very emotional by the whole experience when she arrives in Makeover Guy Christopher Hopkins‘ salon chair.

Yet her experience would prove to be one of the best choices she makes.

Makeover guy

Vicki had to fight back the tears as it was only a month since her divorce was finalized and clearly emotions are still raw.

She explains that she thought it was scary to be single again – something she hadn’t been in decades.

The internationally acclaimed Makeover Guy reassures an emotional Vicky that everything will be okay and there won’t be any tears when he’s finished her makeover.

makeover guy

Just a few hours later Vicki looks 20 years younger and there’s not a tear in sight.

On his YouTube page Christopher writes of Vicki’s makeover, “With an uplift in color, softened brows and a generally warmer glow, she shines for her next act.

Divorce is no easy thing — especially after so many years. But I am so glad Vicki took this bold step and walked into Christopher’s salon.

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