Ex husband attacks wife and daughter with pistol, then a stranger’s drastic decision saves their lives

A good samaritan is being praised by Albuguergue Police for preventing a potential double homicide on Sunday night.

The National Guard veteran came across what looked like a car accident at an intersection in the early evening. But when he went forward to help, he discovered a horrifying scene.

Luckily, his quick action allowed a mother and her daughter to survive the terrifying attack.

Officer Simon Drobik, who is responsible for the case, says that it was around 5pm on Sunday night that the woman was driving her daughter to the airport. Suddenly, her estranged husband, Qian Ming, 66, deliberately crashed his car into hers, reports KRQE News 13.

The man then got out of his car and fired a couple of rounds into his wife’s truck.

YouTube/ KRQE

At that moment, a 34 year old man pulled up to the cars. He thought it was a crash and intended to help the victims, but it didn’t take long before he realized what was really going on.

“Once he started walking up, he saw that there was a male violently pistol-whipping a female in the street,” Officer Drobik explains. “He got out of his vehicle and had his firearm on him and told that male to stop.”

The man pointed his weapon at Ming and fired a couple of shots. One of the shots hit and killed Ming.

“He saved our lives”

The man was taken into custody for questioning but was released later that night. He has cooperated with the police investigation, and is currently being kept annonymous as he hasn’t been charged with any offences.

Officer Drobik says that the mother and daughter are beyond grateful for the veteran’s brave actions.

“Mom in the hospital said, ‘He saved our lives,’” he tells KRQE News 13. “You can’t get a stronger statement than that. So she knew it. Daughter knows it and good thing he took that type of action.”

You can watch a news report about the incident below:

This is absolutely terrifying. I never condone violence, however without this man’s brave reaction, I hate to think what would have happened to this mom and daughter.

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