Family get ready to say goodbye to brain-dead teen girl when a ‘miracle’ happens

Taylor Hale was just a normal 14-year-old high school girl from Iowa having fun with her friends when an accident happened that would change the course of her life forever.

A fall off a car that she was sitting on with a friend left her brain so badly damaged doctors prepared her family for the worst.

But when doctors took her off her life support machine something happened that shocked everyone around her. Her family members claim she was healed by the “hand of God.”

Teen Declared “Brain Dead” Awakens From Coma After a Family Friend Prays for Her

Taylor, a high school cheerleader, had been celebrating the first Waukee High School football game in September 2011, when one of her friends said he would be leaving. She and a friend decided to sit on the hood of his car in an attempt to stop him when they both slid off.

Taylor’s friend was uninjured but Taylor suffered extensive head injuries and was rushed to hospital where she was placed in a medically induced coma.

Doctors told her family for the worse saying her brain had “turned to mush” and nothing else could be done for her. Her family were even told to start making funeral arrangements, according to Evolve.

Started breathing on her own

Taylor’s family started to pray and a chiropractor who knew the family asked if he could visit and pray with them. They agreed and he visited Taylor, laying his hand on the back of her neck as he led the prayers asking for God to heal her.

When the heartbreaking moment to turn Taylor’s life support machine came something happened that was nothing short of a miracle.

“A couple of hours later, the doctor came in and and basically told us, ‘We don’t know how to medically explain this to you, but she’s breathing on her own,” Taylor’s mom, Stacy Henningsen told NBC News.

“It was the hand of God at work,” Taylor’s dad Chuck said. “That’s the only thing that can explain it.”

Fox News

Despite this miracle doctors told Taylor’s family that she was unlikely to walk again and would probably be attached to a feeding tube for the rest of her life. However, she has slowly learned to walk, talk and eat again.

An NBC News report four years later, in 2015 wrote she was set to graduate from high school and attend Des Moines Area Community College where she wants to study event planning.

“I think about it quite often,” Stacy said. “It’s definitely a miracle.”

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