Father asks restaurant’s permission to bring disabled son in to dine; staff’s reaction is heartbreaking

Having a disabled child can be a real challenge for any parent. Countless visits to see doctors and many sleepless nights can really take its toll on any family unit.

But any child is a blessing to a family and children with disabilities offer so much love and have the kindest hearts. Sadly, some people do not react well to people with disabilities. Their ignorance means they might sometimes stare or make comments in public which can be very hurtful.

One father was all too familiar with this scenario; in fact it was so common for him he felt the need to check with restaurants before he brought his son in to dine.


When he went to The Barrel Chapeltown, he asked the employees if he was allowed to bring his son inside. He explained that he’d received comments in the past when his son would make loud noises and wave his hands around.


The employees were so saddened to hear this request for permission, which in their view was completely unnecessary, that they not only welcomed the man and his son into their restaurant they also decided to let other parents know they were welcome.

Owner Steph Tate, decided to make a post on the restaurant’s Facebook page. She wanted to make sure that all disabled people and parents of disabled children knew they were always welcome to dine.

“My intention is not to embarrass the parent who I spoke to yesterday, it has played on my mind all night about how this man must have felt asking me if his child would be accepted in here,” the post read. “It then got me thinking about how many other people must be in the same position.”

Steph went on to say, “If you’re sat at home with a disabled child, partner or friend and feel on edge about taking them anywhere due to fear of someone making comments please feel free to bring them here.”

“If I find anyone making comments or being disrespectful they will be asked to leave not you.”

PLEASE SHARE.Yesterday a parent came in and asked me if his wheelchair bound child was ok to be in the pub, I was…

Posted by The Barrel Chapeltown on Monday, 25 June 2018

Steph is a great example to us all that we need to send out the message that everyone is loved and welcome wherever they go.

We need to love our neighbors and give everyone the respect they deserve, like Steph and her restaurant did for this man and his son.

Please share and spread the good word with your friends and family to show your support for all disabled persons!