Father does the unimaginable – throws his newborn daughter into the garbage

A father in China has been arrested by police, charged with throwing his newborn daughter into a garbage container.

Just two hours after his daughter’s birth, a surveillance camera caught the unimaginable act.

The father left the child to die among the garbage — because she was “too sick”.

These horrifying story comes from Xuanwei, Southwest China. The suspect had only been the tiny baby’s dad for two days before the surveillance camera caught him in the vile act.

Dumped in the garbage

The video footage reveals the man holding a paper bag, which he then throws into the container.

Yunnan Daily

Left to die

He then calmly walks away from the scene.

In the paper bag was his newborn daughter, left to perish among the garbage.

Yunnan Daily


Thankfully, just a short while later, an elderly woman passed by and saved the poor child. The girl was cold, but otherwise alive and well.

Yunnan Daily

Risks prison

Thanks to the cameras, the police were able to track down and arrest the father.

When police interrogated him, he told them that the mother thought that the girl was “incurable” after she apparently turned a “purplish-ish green” hue shortly after birth. The child was born in the couple’s living room, and the mother had not had any medical checks during her entire pregnancy, reports Yunnan Daily.

Yunnan Daily

The father now risks a long prison sentence, with the mother released on bail, according to Yahoo News.

The little girl is said to be doing fine and has been handed over to social authorities in China.

Watch the video below. 

We hope that this poor child soon gets a new loving family and grows up in safety!

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