Father takes test with his son in his arms – now the image is melting hearts everywhere

Recently, what appears to be an ordinary image of a father with his child has been spreading around the world.

And for one simple reason: the man is holding his son in his arms as he’s sitting in a classroom… taking an exam.

#RespetoEnLaWebPadre de familia es captado con su hijo en brazos en plena evaluación en una conocida universidad!! Que le dirías a este campeón!#Comparte

Posted by Chimbote En La Web on Saturday, 28 October 2017

The photo, snapped at a Peruvian university, soon generated thousands of comments on Facebook where it was later posted.

Many praised the dad in the picture of being the perfect example of a great father and fighter.

Despite all the obstacles involved in trying to go back to school while raising children, this man clearly hasn’t given up on trying to provide his family with a brighter future.

Many have pointed out the significance of the student in the photo being a father, as opposed to a mom.

“I take my hat off,” one Facebook user writes about the photo. “Many believe that most responsibility lies with the mother… A truly courageous man.”

“This is great! I’ve seen women doing this kind of thing, but never men. I’m this man is rewarded for his great act of courage,” said another.

What a great dad! I think we’re indeed used to seeing moms doing this kind of thing, but it’s also important for men to do the same. Both parents should take responsibility for raising children when they are young and trying to ensure them a better future.

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