FINALLY! Now there’s a bar that serves only Prosecco

There is no drink that spreads a better atmosphere than champagne. In addition to signaling that fun times are under way, it tastes amazing.

If you could call a drink “trendy”, then Prosecco would definitely be the most trendy right now. For this reason, one pub owner has chosen to fulfill every bubble lovers’ dream – by opening a bar where only Prosecco is served!

In February “Prosecco House” opens the doors of it’s exclusive club which, just like the name suggests, is dedicated to the popular drink. The bar will be the first one in London to serve only Prosecco, however it does offer an impressive selection of 20 different kinds. Perfect for an evening of Prosecco-tasting, in other words.

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Make your London trip complete

According to British Timeout magazine, Prosecco House will be located next to popular tourist attraction Tower Bridge within walking distance of Borough Market, one of London’s oldest and biggest food markets. Which means it’s perfectly placed for your quick trip to London.

Bellinis and spritzers

In addition to different varieties of Prosecco, prosecco based cocktails will also be served, including bellinis and spritzers.

For me, this is a guaranteed stop on the next London trip, and I know many who feel the same.

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