Firefighter dying of cancer requests to sing one last song from his hospital bed

Marc Wright dedicated his life to saving people’s lives: first as a firefighter with Columbia Missouri Fire Department until he retired in February 2017 and then worked on a hospital ambulance.

But the brave firefighter had a personal battle: fighting cancer on and off for three years. In June 2017 he received the devastating news that his cancer had returned much worse than before, with tumors in more places.

As he grew weaker and weaker, his friends and family gathered around him and Marc revealed his last wish —  to sing the Garth Brooks’ classic “The Dance.” He’s accompanied by his friend playing acoustic guitar and it’s so beautiful to watch.

Marc learned that his cancer had moved to his liver, two lymph nodes and his lungs. He passed away on January 29, surrounded by loved ones.

According to his loved ones Marc loved to sing and on his deathbed he requested to sing one of his favorites one last time.

Garth Brooks was shown Marc’s video and had some amazing things to say about Marc and his singing skills. We believe that the brave firefighter would have been honored to receive such high praise from his favorite musician.

The remarkable man, who had been a firefighter since he was 17 and worked his way up to Lieutenant, bravely fought cancer three times. A benefit was held for him raising thousands of dollars so he could fulfill his dream and travel to New York to visit the fire department and the 9/11 memorial.

The event gained so much support Marc was also able to donate funds to a children’s hospital and to help other firefighters battling cancer.

Watch the inspiring moment he sings in the video below, as Marc shows he’s brave to the end.

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