Foreigners forced to write ‘I am sorry’ 500 times by police after violating lock down

A group of ten travelers in India have been forced to write lines under police orders after they were caught breaking lock down rules.

The travelers from Israel, Mexico, Australia and Austria were caught exploring the northern Indian city of Rishikesh during lock down.

The city, made famous by the Beatles who stayed at an Ashram there in the 1960s, is near the Ganges river, which is sacred to the Hindu faith.

The tourists were forced to write “I am so sorry” – 500 times, officials said, as per the Daily Mail.

A lockdown was put in place in response to the pandemic with residents only permitted to leave their homes to get food and medical supplies, roaming around the city is not permitted.

Local police officer Vinod Sharma, said police could not permit foreigners to go out on strolls while locals were locked up inside, adding that the punishment would send a strong message, as per

More than 700 foreign tourists from the U.S., Australia, Mexico and Israel staying in the area had broken the lock-down rules, Sharma said.

The unusual punishment follows sightings of a police officer in Chennai, India wearing a coronavirus-shaped helmet in a bid to encourage people to stay home.

If we don’t all take this seriously and respect our fellow humans then we’re going to be in lock down for a long time.

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