Former NFL star Tim Tebow helps 11-year-old boy to “walk tall’ for the first time in his life

Those athletes that are paid huge sums of money can often be the envy of others; they look like they have it all.

But for those superstar athletes that put their wealth to good use should serve as an inspiration and deserve all the admiration.

Tim Tebow is a shining example of someone who not only works hard on the field but off the field dedicates so much of his time to helping others.

The former professional footballer and now baseball player has started a number of charitable initiatives over the years, one of which being the Tebow CURE Hospital.

That hospital has since helped an 11-year-old boy whose deformed legs were described as like a “flamingo.”

Thanks to the free care he received at this hospital, he’s now walking tall for the first time.




The hospital in Davao City, Philippines, where Tim was born, was built in 2011 and since has performed 2,139 surgeries on individuals without proper access to medical care.

One of those individuals was 11-year-old Aldrin who was born with a congenital knee deformity, described as legs similar to a flamingo.

“Essentially, Aldrin’s knee bends the wrong way like a flamingo,” Staff surgeon at the hospital Dr. Tim Mead wrote on the CURE blog. “When we see children with knees like this early, we can often cast the knees and improve them.”

But, Aldrin’s family couldn’t afford the surgery needed to correct Aldrin’s condition.

“Aldrin, your surgery is over," said OR Nurse Jaime. Aldrin then responded, "Only by the grace of God," to which we exclaimed, "Amen!" This is what we do every day. #MondayMotivation

Gepostet von CURE International am Montag, 5. Februar 2018

“When young, the surgery is much less involved. At age 14, surgery is a true challenge,” Dr. Mean said.

Tim describes the moment he hears the story about Aldrin and how the hospital surgeons put together a plan to help him, but it wasn’t easy.

“Hearing Aldrin’s story about what he had been through, how he’d been bullied, how he had been neglected, it would be an easy surgery if he was younger but he’s already 11 years old…then four hours later (after surgery) his legs are straight.”

Find out more about this boy’s life-changing surgery in the clip below.

Those wealthy celebrities that turn their attention to helping others deserve all our praise; they are such a great example to others.

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