Eat 6 roasted garlic cloves and immediately notice the difference in your body

Onions, in all their many forms, are something I use regularly in my cooking.

White onions, red onions, garlic and leeks are all good and can be found in thousands of different dishes and recipes. But onions are good for more than just salads or meatballs. They’re full of antioxidants, they can boost your immune system and they can even combat illnesses like colds, according to BBC Good Food.

For hundreds of years, onions and garlic have been used for their great health benefits. Find out just what garlic does to you body when you eat it after the break.

Garlic can reduce high blood pressure and lower cholesterol levels, which may reduce the risk of a heart attack. It contains allicin, known for its medicinal properties, and also gives this onion family member its distinct smell.

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According to Healthy Food Style, this is what happens in your body over a 24-hour period when you eat six cloves of roasted garlic:

First hour: Your body digests the garlic and absorbs its nutrients.

Hours 2 – 4: The nutrients that your body has absorbed help fight any cancer cells and free radicals in your body.

Hours 4 – 6: Your body’s metabolic rate picks up, activates the process of removing excess fluids and starts burning stored fat.

Hours 6 – 7: The antibacterial benefits of garlic are released and begin circulating in the bloodstream. The garlic starts working on bacteria in the body.

Hours 6 – 10: The nutrients contained in garlic have already helped the body at a cellular level and continue protecting the body against oxidation.

Hours 10 – 24: The garlic begins a deep cleaning process that includes:

  • Regulating cholesterol
  • Cleaning the arteries and protecting against heart problems
  • Lowering and improving blood pressure
  • Helping strengthen the body’s immune system
  • Preventing heavy metals from entering the body
  • Strengthening bones and joints
  • Preventing fatigue
  • Improving the body’s athletic abilities
  • Extending the life of cells

When you undergo this regimen, it’s good to drink lots of water, eat good food and avoid processed foods, red meat and refined sugar.


What you need:

• 1 whole garlic bulb


1. Put the garlic bulb in the oven and bake at 345°F (175°C) until it’s completely soft.

2. Eat six cloves and wait for the results!


This sounds almost too good to be true, but I have to try it out. 

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