Gas station employee spots man with terrified woman, tells her to ‘stand behind him’

What would you do if you saw a crime being committed?

Most of us like to imagine we would step in and help without a second thought. But when we’re actually put on the spot, the reality can be quite different.

Manveer Komer felt that something was wrong when a man and woman walked into the gas station where he worked.

Despite not having any information about the couple, he was convinced that something wasn’t right.

And he didn’t stop to ask questions before stepping in…

A man and woman stepped into the gas station where Manveer Komer works. The man waved at Manveer as they entered, and the pair went to the ATM to withdraw some money.

When they couldn’t do that, they walked up to the front desk, and the man tried to buy cigarettes with the woman’s credit card.

That’s when Manveer realized something was wrong.

YouTube/ABC News

The woman was shaking. It was obvious to Manveer that she wasn’t there by choice.

As the man and woman tried to leave the gas station, he charged up to them, and put his own life at risk.

Car jacking

It turns out that the man had kidnapped the woman. The man had carjacked the doctor earlier that day, and since then had driven her around to different ATMs, forcing her to take out as much money as possible.

It wasn’t clear whether the man had a weapon on him, but the woman was clearly terrified.

YouTube/ ABC News

As the man stepped out of the gas station, Manveer ran to the door and stood in front of the woman, between her and the kidnapper.

“You come stand behind my back,” he told her, reports ABC News. “I’ll help you, no problem.”

The man reached into his jacket, pretending to aim a gun at Manveer, but he quickly gave up and fled in the woman’s car.

YouTube/ ABC News

Surveillance camera shows how Manveer then comforted the woman, giving her some water and helping her call the police.

Police were later able to find the man who fled in the woman’s car, by tracking her mobile phone, which was still in the car.

Watch the shocking surveillance tape footage below:

I can’t imagine what I’d do in this situation. That’s what makes Manveer’s heroic actions even more impressive. He didn’t ask questions or hesitate, he was right there to help the woman.

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