Girl is discovered bullying cancer sufferer, mom reacts with a tough lesson for her daughter

Those that bully can leave so many lasting scars for their victims. Bullying comes in many different forms and today there is the added horror of anonymous bullying through social media.

As a parent I cannot imagine what  I would do if I found out one of my kids was a bully. In the video below one mom’s reaction to finding out her daughter is a bully has hit the internet by storm and caused some controversy.


We’ve all seen the videos of parents forcing their kids to apologize for their bad behavior, but this video takes this action to a whole new level.

Apparently, after discovering her daughter was bullying a cancer patient for being bald, this mom takes drastic action as a harsh lesson for her daughter, filmed the whole thing and posted it on social media.

To show her daughter how unacceptable her behavior was she decided to shave off her hair! As the video below shows the girl is clearly distressed as her hair falls off in clumps.

It’s not known where the video was made. According to some publications the video has been around for a while and the mother shaved the girl’s hair off for posting inappropriate pictures of herself on social media.

Whatever the reason this is some severe punishment? What do you think? Is this mom being a good parent? Share your comments below and then share to see other people’s views.