Girl throws money into hat and sparks a flash mob that will give you the shivers

I usually associate flash mobs with dancing but in one Spanish city a little girl starts a classical flash mob that has been watched by millions around the world.

Hundreds of passersby are stopped in their tracks and left open-mouthed by this beautiful orchestra performing Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy.” It’s a moving display.

When a little girl throws money into the hat of a single musician it sets off a flash mob of epic proportions and the crescendo from one musician to orchestra complete with singers sent shivers down my spine.


The stunning performance took place in the city of Sabadell, in Spain and marked the 130th anniversary of the city’s bank and a celebration of the  fifth-largest city in Catalonia, Spain.

People gathered to watch the musician, who was dressed in a tux with a hat set out for tips. A girl walks up and drops a coin in the hat triggering more musicians to join him.

The girl stands with a look of wonder on her face as more musicians appear from the crowd and reveal themselves as talented musicians to add to the beautiful music.

Set in the picturesque setting of placa de Sant Roc the group soon grows to around 100 musicians including those playing wind instruments and violinists.


The musicians were from the Lieder, Amics de l’Òpera, Vallès Symphony Orchestra, and Coral Belles Arts choirs.

Complete with a conductor who appeared from the crowd the singers then emerged, one even had a child sitting on his shoulders as he serenades the crowd with his fellow singers.

A child hangs off a nearby lamppost mimicking the conductor as people of all ages were transfixed on the breathtaking performance.


The video of the flash mob was posted on YouTube by Banco Sabadell, and has since had 81 million views.

One viewer wrote: “As a musician, I know how long it takes go coordinate these things and the effort that goes into learning the perfect timing and the rhythm.


“They must’ve worked very diligently to get all this together. It makes me cry happy tears because they do this for the people. They go and put in the effort to see the smiles and looks of awe and grandeur of such a beautiful performance.”

Another viewer wrote: “I don’t care how many times I see this video, or how many times I hear this glorious music, it always brings tears of joy to my face and pure joy in my heart. Just glorious, divine, perfect music!”

Uniting people through music is a beautiful sight and one that we should all experience. I really wish I’d been there to witness such a moving performance.

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