Girl was told her dad died of a heart attack, nine years later she finds out the truth

Jessica Porter had to suffer the loss of her dad when she was just 11 years old.

Doctors and a coroner said her father Allan had died from a heart attack, but her mom had always told her she didn’t believe this conclusion.

Jessica never gave up hope of finding out what really happened to her dad and while studying law she decided to look further into the case and help her family find out the truth.

Now the truth has finally come out thanks to a nearly decade-long campaign for justice.


Allan Porter was just 32 years old when he found himself walking into a hospital emergency room in a bad way.

He was unable to swallow and had a fever but was given painkillers and sent home with antibiotics, according to The Mirror newspaper.

Around seven hours later he collapsed at home, unable to breathe, and was rushed back to hospital but it was too late for Allan.

The doctor that carried out the post-mortem ruled Allen died of a heart attack caused by heart disease. Jessica was left heartbroken.

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Family’s nine-year struggle for justice

After Allan’s death, the family refused to accept that he had died from a heart attack. When Jessica was studying law she decided to launch her own investigation.

Looking at her father’s medical records, Jessica couldn’t believe that doctors had sent him home when he was so sick.

The family’s own investigators concluded that the post-mortem result was wrong, and a new inquest was held which overturned the original verdict.

The family’s suspicions were confirmed and a coroner said Allan’s death could have been avoided if he hadn’t been sent home, according to The Mirror.

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The doctor who carried out the post-mortem was fired, and a full investigation launched.

Thanks to Allan’s family 25 other families have also received justice through new post-mortem reports.

“His (Allan’s) death has made a difference. Not only in the changes that have been put in place at the hospital, but also to the other families because without your persistence some of these findings may never have come to light,” Coroner Joanne Kearsley told the family.

9 1/2 years later we finally have answers. It’s so hard to even think that he died because someone didn’t do their job…

Gepostet von Jess Porter am Freitag, 31. Mai 2019

It’s heartbreaking to know that Allan’s death could have been avoided but thanks to Jessica and her family the truth has finally come to light.

Jessica never gave up and because of her persistence other families have also received the justice they deserve.

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