Girl writes letter to dad’s boss asking to give him vacation: Boss’s reply has the internet cheering

Many children wonder why their parents have to go to work every day instead of staying at home and playing.

When there’s a lot to get done at the office, overtime and canceled vacations aren’t unusual – which doesn’t go down well at home.

When it also takes over public holidays and birthdays, it’s even tougher.

For one little girl, Katie, it was completely unthinkable that her hard-working dad would miss his own birthday instead of being at home celebrating with her, writes British paper The Daily mail.


So she wrote a letter to her dad’s boss at Google.

Here’s what it said:

Dear Goggle worker,

Can you please make sure when daddy goes to work he gets a day off.

Like he can have a day off on Wednesday. Because daddy ONLY gets a day off on Saturday.

From Katie

PS. It is daddy’s birthday!

PPS. It is summer, you know!

Katie’s dad’s boss, Daniel Shiplacoff, received the cute letter, and couldn’t bring himself to ignore her request.


Dear Katie,

Thank you for your thoughtful note and request.

Your father has been hard at work designing many beautiful and delightful things for Google and millions of people across the globe.

On the occasion of his Birthday, and recognizing the importance of taking some Wednesdays off during the summer, we are giving him the whole first week of July as vacation time.


Daniel Shiplacoff

Katie’s letter was really sweet, and I’m sure her father was very happy with his boss’ generous gesture.

I hope they had a wonderful week together.

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