Granddaughter ‘goes missing’ for months, thanks to concerned grandma she’s rescued from her closet prison

When a grandmother was forced to give up her granddaughter to the custody of the girl’s father she was worried.

The 5-year-old’s father had a history of abuse and so the grandmother did all she could to check up on her precious granddaughter to make sure she was safe.

Then one day she became worried that something had happened to her and she had to do something.

It was months before she was able to get authorities to search for her granddaughter; at this point she was beside herself with worry.

When her grandaughter was discovered she was found locked up in a closet and barely recognizable from abuse and neglect.


Concerned grandmother, Linda Benskey, was forced to call the police after she hadn’t seen her loving step-granddaughter in several months.

Her worry was quickly growing.

Finally, Benskey called police and asked them to check on North Carolina home belonging to her step-son to make sure the little girl named Angel was alright.

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Police went to the house to make sure the little girl named Angel was okay.

Instead they found a shocking scene. Angel was found locked in a closet under the stairs with no food and water, surrounded by rat poison.

She was malnourished and covered in brusies and burns.

‘Bald spots all over her head’

Police had also asked the child’s former caregiver, Tracy Harrell, from a local daycare to join them in the search for her.

When Harrell saw Angel, she couldn’t believe her eyes.

“Her feet were black, her little hands were shaky,”  she told Fox 8 News. “She had bit all her nails down until they were bleeding. Hair was shaved, what wasn’t had been pulled out so she had bald spots all over her head.”

Angel was then taken to hospital and placed in the custody of the Department of Social Services.

Find out more about this harrowing case in the clip below.

Angel’s father, Adam Byrd, and girlfriend, Crystal Carnahan, were charged with child abuse, neglect, and assault with a deadly weapon, according to Fox 8.

The family is now working to gain custody of Angel.

I hope they lock these vile monsters up for a long time, poor poor Angel – thank God her step grandmother alerted the authorities. But where were the social services to check this child’s absence from school, this should never have gone unnoticed in this day and age.

This little girl should never have been allowed to return to her abusive father. Thankfully she had someone looking out for her but what about those kids who don’t?

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