Grave of 11-year-old girl vandalized, then dad decides to take law into his own hands

Ebba was just 11 years old when she died in a terrorist attack in Stockholm, Sweden. A man driving a truck crashed into crowds walking along the city’s main pedestrian street on April 7 2017, killing five people and injuring many more.

Now her family and friends are left distraught after they found her grave vandalized not once but twice. Unsatisfied by any official action taken in the wake of these grave attacks, the father decided to find the culprit himself.


“For the second time in a short period of time, Ebba’s tomb has been vandalised at the Adolf Fredriks Cemetery. In addition to the stolen birds on the tombstone, flowers are broken, lanterns crushed and everything delicate classmates and other mourners laid by the grave are thrown away. Why?”, Writes Ebba’s memorial fund Instagram.

För andra gången på kort tid har Ebbas grav på Adolf Fredriks kyrkogård vandaliserats. Förutom att fåglarna på…

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Guarding grave

Ebba’s father Stefan decided to do something about it – and started visiting her grave at night to not only protect it but to catch whoever is committing such a terrible act of vandalism. Then one night he catches the culprit in the act and arrests him!

Police investigation

Stefan told a local newspaper that he was visiting his daughter’s grave several times a week. He added: “It’s the only way to put an end to this.”

The police have initiated a preliminary investigation into the offences.

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