Harry and Meghan amazed – when 19-year-old hands them unique gift in middle of crowd

Prince Harry and his beloved Meghan Markle are now on their first official tour beyond Britain’s borders since their marriage May 18, 2018.

In July, they launched their tour with a two-day trip in neighboring Ireland, to the delight of thousands of Irishmen, women and children.

But it’s a 19-year-old girl who stole the show — thanks to a unique surprise she had in store for the royal couple, reports People.

19-year-old Chloe Mullins had been preparing for an encounter with the newly married princess for several weeks. Princess Diana’s youngest son and Meghan took the time to meet the people of Ireland and shook hands with loads of residents during their time on the island.

Chloe stood in the crowd with a special gift she wanted to share with the princess. She stretched her hand out, fortunately catching the couple’s attention.

Chloe had spent much time and energy sketching an image of the couple, and was hopeful that they would accept and appreciate her gift.

Here’s the drawing:

Nicely done, right?

The princess certainly appeared to think so, appearing stunned by the present. Images of Meghan’s face reveal a clearly positively surprised and impressed princess.

Following the incident, Chloe shared details of the encounter on her Twitter account: “They took my drawing 🙂 [Prince Harry] was like “can we have it, are you sure?”

“The Garda told me they couldn’t accept gifts and then Harry saw it and was like “did you draw that?” Chloe says. “And called Meghan over and I was talking to them and they asked could they keep it and I was like PLEASE TAKE IT.”

“And you’ve given me a little more hair!” the prince said, as Meghan laughed next to him.

See Prince Harry’s and Meghan Markle’s wonderful reaction when they see the painting in the video below.

What a wonderful, heartfelt gift! We can only imagine how much time and thought Chloe put into it. It’s so fortunate that she managed to get Harry and Meghan’s attention, as this was a sketch that certainly shouldn’t be missed!
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