Heartbreaking: Grandad seeks family to spend Christmas with

Christmas is a time for caring and giving – and a house full of adults and children, family and friends all gathered together to share the holiday season and treasure each other’s company.

But sadly, not everyone has company to enjoy the holiday season with. Divided families, homeless people and also pensioners who have lost those closest to them are largely forgotten.

Christmas simply becomes a painful reminder of how quiet and lonely their days are, and this heart breaking story from Germany is just one example.

But the story is also an example of exactly what Christmas is about: offering a helping hand and being there for our fellow man. Nobody should have to spend the holidays alone.

It was in a grocery store in Berlin that a hand written note was put up on a community bulletin board.

The writer, an old man who is a pensioner and widowed, appealed for company during the holidays:

“Where can a single, lonely pensioner, widow, find a place nearby to celebrate Christmas with company? I’ve lived in Zehlendorf in my own house for 50 years, and now I’m in Wilmersdorf” read the heartbreaking note.

Femina Lisa (Facebook)

It didn’t take long for a young woman to catch sight of the note on the board.

She took a photo of the note and shared it on Facebook in the hope that there were some kind souls out there who could offer the lonely man some company.

“When I read this it broke my heart,” the woman wrote in her post: “Maybe someone will see this and grant his wish.”


Immediately, the responses came pouring in.

The post about the widowed man was shared thousands of times.

Before long, the woman had heard from thousands of families offering the man a home to visit!


They opened up their homes and their hearts – and thanks to their generosity, this man has many invitations to pick and choose from this Christmas!

He’ll be able to enjoy all the warmth, love and delicious food that we indulge in at Christmas… but best of all, he will be surrounded by company.

Just like it should be.

Nobody should have to be alone for Christmas – and I think this story shows exactly what Christmas is about.

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