“Her life shouldn’t have to be this hard”: the final moments of a 2 year-old’s life, in pictures

Organ donation is a concept that continues to divide people. Would you agree to make your organs available for others when you die?

Although most people are open to the idea of such a donation, many are reluctant to write it down on an ID card and carry it with them.

But what if you could save the life of a toddler with this small act?

In 2018, photographer Suha Dabit was given a most difficult task — to photograph the last moments of little 2-year-old Adelynn Rogers’ short life, reports 9 news.

Adalynn was born in Tennesse, USA, with hypoplastic left ventricle syndrome, a serious birth defect which leaves the left ventricle of the heart underdeveloped.

In order to survive, Adalynn was in urgent need of a heart transplant.

Youtube / Memory of Angels

After two years of courageous struggles and countless operations, Adalynn took her final breath in hospital on January 26 in 2018, surrounded by her family. Mom Kristina, dad Justin and her three siblings were in place.

Suha was asked to snap shots of Adalynn’s final moments as the family said goodbye.

Youtube / Memory of Angels

She later uploaded the photographs to the Facebook page, ”World of Broken Hearts”.

“There aren’t any words to describe the pain and love I witnessed,” she writes.

Youtube / Memory of Angels

Before giving up, Adalynn’s parents explained that her little heart simply could not go on.

“Her life shouldn’t have to be this hard… and if I could I would give her my heart to make sure she didn’t suffer anymore,” her mother Kristina wrote.

Youtube / Memory of Angels

Adalynn was buried surrounded by her loved ones. Several of the nurses who helped Adalynn during her too short time on earth were also present during the ceremony.

“The only thing getting me through the day is knowing that she isn’t in pain or scared anymore. I want to thank everyone for the support and love we’ve received during this time. Addy was so loved by everyone,” Kristina writes on Facebook.

Youtube / Memory of Angels

Approximately 40,000 babies are born every year with a congenital heart defect, roughly 1 in 100 newborn, according to The World Of Broken Hearts Facebook page.

Treatment is available, but organ donations are always in dire need.

Youtube / Memory of Angels

Adalynn’s parents have set up a crowd funding account in their daughter’s memory to raise money for research and raise awareness about congenital heart failure and organ donation.

“Fly high baby girl,” photographer Suha Dabit writes. “You fought so hard and touched so many lives.”

Youtube / Memory of Angels

If more people had signed up as donors, perhaps might a heart have been found in time for little Adalynn.

Have you signed up?

It only takes a few minutes: registering to become an organ donor is possible through this link.

This crushed my heart, but it’s important to be aware of such stories.

Please share this article with your friends on Facebook to give more people the chance to be aware of congenital heart disease as well as give everyone a chance to consider donating organs. No children should die when they could have been saved. Rest in peace Adalynn, you will always be loved!