Here’s the moment Christian gets to see his mom for the first time

Christian is only a few months old, but has already had a tough start in life.

He was born with a serious visual impairment and was only able to see his parents as blurry outlines.

Until now!

Soon after his birth it was clear that Christian, who was born in Detroit, had a congenital visual error.

He could only see fuzzy outlines of the people around him. The impairment was too risky to try and fix with surgery, especially for such a young child.

Specially made glasses

But now Christian is a little bigger, he has received a pair of specially made “baby”-glasses.

For the first time in his life he can finally see what his mom and dad look like.

Look at his smile

In this adorable video we see Christian trying on his glasses for the first time. At first he’s scared and starts to cry.

But just watch now when he can finally see – and catches sight of his parents and siblings. That’s pure love in his eyes!

Watch the video here: 

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