Hero nurse acts fast to save 13 dementia patients and protecting 50 others from COVID-19

A hero nurse used her skills from working through the swine flu crisis to stop the spread of coronavirus in the care home where she worked – saving the lives of 13 dementia patients and protecting many others.

When 5 of the 50 patients living at the care home Maria Spollin runs in Nottingham, England, tested positive for COVID-19 and 8 more showed symptoms she knew she had to act fast.

‘Protecting the rest of the residents’

The dedicated nurse, with over 20 years of experience, used her knowledge from working through the 2009 swine flu epidemic and set up a makeshift isolation ward in the communal area of the home, with permission from the affected patients’ families.

“We developed a ‘ward’ if you like where we could keep people together that were displaying the same symptoms to keep them safe and monitored and cared for effectively while protecting the rest of the residents in the home,” she told TV News show Good Morning Britain.

Maria Spollin appeared on 'Good Morning Britain' today to speak about her plan to help residents at the care home

She said:  “It was a very difficult day that day…I knew I needed to act quickly, because if it was coronavirus we wanted to limit the spread of it as much as possible. 

“And if I didn’t do something quickly then we risked more residents and staff members developing the same symptoms. So yes we had to work very quickly to contain the virus.”

Now all 13 patients have recovered and the home has been declared virus free. One resident celebrated his 86th birthday on the same day the home was declared virus free.

Nurse's quick-thinking saved lives of 13 dementia patients with ...
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“Four staff members worked round the clock to care for the ill. Those staff were isolated from work colleagues and other residents to help prevent prevent the virus from spreading,” she added, as per the Daily Mail.

“They worked so hard, changing clothing and bedding and making sure hygiene was at the highest level. Their professionalism was magnificent.”

Amazing achievement by this hero nurse and her team, your hard work and dedication is admirable. Please share if you agree.