High school wrestler gets ready to compete, only to be asked to perform biggest task of his life

Not many of us like to do the bigger things in life on the spur of the moment. The significant events in our lives need planning and deliberation.

School boy Isaac Bryant was getting reading to take part in a big wrestling championship and was busy mentally and physically preparing himself.

He decided to take a rest before he was due to compete in the the Division III District Wrestling Championships when he was called to carry out an even greater task, one that would turn out to be the biggest of his life.

Isaac Bryant was resting to ease his nerves before competing in the wrestling championships at Hobart Arena in Troy, Ohio.

He was woken up to the sound of a loud announcement asking for a volunteer to sing the National Anthem.

The person who was supposed to sing the National Anthem before the tournament had failed to show up and organizers were scrambling to find a replacement.

The high school junior said he didn’t hesitate to volunteer, “I was dazed and confused and I just thought they might just need somebody to do it,” Isaac said in an interview with FOX News.

‘I’m a little bit of a performer’

Isaac’s outstanding performance was captured on video and posted to social media. More than 600,000 people have watched Isaac’s performance and thousands have shared it.

His performance even attracted the attention of news outlets and TV show Fox and Friends flew Isaac and his parents to New York City for an interview.

During his interview Isaac said he’d never sung the National Anthem in public before but added, “I sing a lot. I guess that’s kind of a part of me. That’s what I do. I’m a little bit of a performer if you haven’t noticed.”

His parents said how proud they were of their son,  “We were used to the voice but I guess it was the heart he put into it. It brought tears to our eyes,” his mom said.

Watch the performance that has captured the hearts of the nation in the clip below.

To think that this young man just answered the call and displayed this kind of performance without any rehearsal is so impressive! And then went onto compete in a wrestling tournament!

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