Hollywood star Michael J Fox gets his first tattoo – and the meaning behind it is beautiful

Back to the Future star and all round inspirational human being Michael J. Fox is now proving that it’s never too late to get a tattoo.

At the age of 57 he was recently seen on social media sporting his new ink and it’s bold and beautiful.

New York-based tattoo parlor Bang Bang, famous for its celebrity clientele, is responsible for the pretty image of a sea turtle on the inside of Fox’s right arm.

The tattoo is of a black-and-white sea turtle, missing a part of its right fin, and swimming through five rings. For Fox this has a sentimental meaning.

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First tattoo, sea turtle, long story

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“First tattoo, sea turtle, long story,” Fox captioned a photo of his new ink on Instagram.

To show his appreciation, the generous Fox gave the parlor’s owner Keith “Bang Bang” McCurdy and his tattoo artist, Mr. K. a signed pair of Nike Mags sneakers and a hover-board. The rare items were inspired by Fox’s character Marty McFly in Back to the Future II.

Fox is best known for the Back to the Future trilogy but he also boasts five Primetime Emmy and four Golden Globe awards.

In an interview with  Inked magazine, Keith McCurdy explained Fox’s inspiration behind the design.

‘Transcending decision’

“He was telling me that there was a transformation for him with his career decisions when he was swimming in Saint John,” he said. “He spotted this turtle with a chunk missing from its fin and a scar on his face. And that turtle let him swim with him for about a half an hour.”

“He made a transcending decision right after that,” he added. “So that turtle was pretty significant to him.”

Michael J. Fox getting a tattoo
Bang Bang NYC/Instagram

Fox was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in the early 90s, a disorder of the central nervous system that affects movement, often including tremors.

“It was pretty scary,” he told David Letterman a few years ago. “I was 29 years old and so it was the last thing I expected to hear.

True inspiration

“I thought I’d hurt my shoulder doing some stunt because I had a twitch in my pinkie. And the doctor said ‘You have Parkinson’s disease.’ He said, ‘The good news is that you have 10 years of work left’. That was 22 years ago and I’m still working.”

Fox has become a great inspiration to others suffering with the condition and has set up a foundation to help find a cure.

He continually proves that whatever obstacles we face there is always a way to overcome them.

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