Homeless man returns $10,000 he found: Gets a gift that brings me to tears

Roberta Hoskie, a successful real estate broker from Connecticut, recently lost a check for $10,000.

She was out working in the city and she had so much in her hands that the check happened to slip out and fall onto the street.

Later that day, Roberta received a phone call from a man named Elmer Alvarez. He said he found a check and that he simply wanted to do the right thing.

Elmer, who is homeless, had looked up the name of Roberta’s company to help find her contact information.

The unexpected act of kindness reminded her that there are good people out there.

And she did not want to let the selfless gesture go unnoticed …


The two strangers met up at a nearby street corner, where Elmer returned the check to its rightful owner.

And while Roberta thanked him for his kind deed, she learned the truth about Elmer. Elmer was homeless and lived outside in the cold. If anybody needed the money, he did.

Then Roberta wrote Elmer a check as a reward … but that’s not all.

She also made sure that Elmer would have a place in the brokerage training program that she runs. She promised to pay for all of Elmer’s brokerage training as well as English language courses.

But again … that still wasn’t everything!

An Incredible gift

“He has absolutely no idea what’s about to happen,” Roberta said a few days later, just before she changed this homeless man’s life forever – with an unexpected gift.

Watch the video below to see how Elmer’s simple, decent act led to something wonderfully heartwarming…

Sometimes it’s the people who have the least that give the most — Elmer is the perfect example!

Fortunately, Elmer’s efforts to track down the owner of an item and return it in good faith led to more than he could have ever dreamed.

Having his own house will change his life for the better and give him a completely new start in life.

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