Homeless man steals over half a million dollars in cash from airport, then disappears without a trace

There are some news stories you read and hear about that are so extraordinary that you wonder whether anyone could have made them up.

This is one such story. It’s the story of a homeless man who spent his life living out of trash cans in Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris, France, only to become the police’s most wanted fugitive. It could easily be the plot of a Hollywood blockbuster!

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The man stumbled across a massive amount of money in December 2017. He happened to open a door that’s normally locked. Behind the door was an office that belongs to Loomis, a company that handles cash deliveries to and from businesses, according to The Local.

Seconds later the man had managed to escape with two sacks of cash worth just under half a million euros. Then he quickly disappeared, leaving authorities baffled as to his whereabouts.

Recently it emerged that despite a vague description of the thief, police had finally managed to track him down to a shelter in the north of Paris and arrested him after a simple identity check.


The fugitive told officers he had been kidnapped and beaten up before being robbed of most of the cash, adding that he had spent a little of the cash and given some to friends.

While police were glad to have finally caught their man, it seems they have their work cut out to get their hands on the cash, as the notes are untraceable.

To make matters worse, the sacks of money were not booby-trapped with indelible ink, as it most often is and it didn’t contain a GPS tracker.

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