Hospital cleaner dies from coronavirus: ‘She had a heart of gold’

During the ongoing pandemic, nurses and doctors have received a lot of support and praise as they work on the front lines against the coronavirus.

But some workers at the hospitals tend to be forgotten. Hospital cleaners are doing a very important job behind the scenes, often working long and unforgiving hours.

They’re just as valuable as others in the hospital, even though they get little or no recognition. Unfortunately, these men and women are also exposed to the virus and some unfortunately have to put their lives at risk because of their job.

Hospital cleaner Eileen Landers was one of brave heroes during these very difficult times. Sadly, she has now died from COVID-19 at the hospital in Burton, UK.

Derby Hospital are very sorry to announce that Eileen Landers, a member of the cleaning team at University Hospitals of…

Gepostet von EH UP High Peak am Montag, 27. April 2020

According to her friends and family, Eileen was the ‘most generous person’. She was known for always being professional and for taking her job seriously.

Born in Ireland, she came to England when she was in her 20s and got a job within the healthcare system. She worked as a cleaner at University Hospitals of Derby and Burton and had been there since 2004.

“Eileen grew up in Tipperary Town in County Tipperary, Ireland, and was the second youngest of eight brothers and sisters where we grew up. Eileen had a heart of gold and was the most generous person. We will all miss her greatly,” her sister, Margaret, told DerbyshireLive.

Eileen, who passed away on April 26, is the third person from the Derby and Burton NHS trust to have died from coronavirus.

The hospital released a statement following Eileen’s tragic passing:

“Eileen worked in many departments and wards across the hospital, most recently in the discharge lounge, and was known for her high standards, which colleagues and the nursing team say were second to none. During her time here, she was known for her absolute dedication to her role and her dedication to coming to clean the hospital and protect patients ‚” said chief executive Gavin Boyle of the University Hospitals of Derby and Burton Trust.

“The importance of the role Eileen and her colleagues perform simply cannot be overstated. Eileen will be sadly missed by the entire UHDB family, especially by the domestic teams who worked closely with her for those many years. Our thoughts and condolences are with Eileen’s family today. “

This is so sad. And the payment for hard and risky job many people are doing is ridiculous. RIP Eileen and thank you for your service. Condolences to all her family and friends 💔💔

And to all other hospital housekeepers/cleaners/janitors: Thank you for keeping our hospital clean and safe for the healthcare workers and patients alike.

You guys are amazing and of huge importance to this crisis. Give yourselves a huge pat on the back.