Hotel guest horrified to discover peephole staring into her room – rather than out into the hallway

Most of us lucky enough to travel have spent time away from home in hotel rooms. Some hotels are of course fancier than others, but what we can at least fairly expect is that our privacy be respected while we’re guests at a hotel establishment.

Or can we?

A friend of mine recently posted about something absolutely dreadful that happened to her while staying at a Hilton hotel — and it shocked me so much I knew I had to share.

Read her horrifying experience below — and remember to share with everyone you know who travels so that they can be aware of this, too.

After a few days of staying at Hilton Cairo Zamalek Residences, guest Dina Kamal noticed something shocking: the peep hole on her door was reversed, looking into her room’s entrance, which lay adjacent to the washroom.

It’s also “where the closets were (an area of getting dressed / undressed) and directly facing the bed,” she writes in her Facebook post.

From the outside looking into the room: bathroom to the right, closets to the left and bed straight ahead. Facebook/Dina Kamal

Dina realized something was off when she discovered that the peephole cover, which would normally be inside the room, was on the other side of the door instead — as is clear in the photo below she snapped from the hallway.

Facebook/Dina Kamal

She immediately went to management and explained the problem.

“The managers apologized and I ended up not paying for my stay,” Dina writes on Facebook, “but I was still baffled at the situation; a complete violation of privacy!”

See Dina’s original post below:


How creepy! The thought of a stranger staring into my room from the hallway gave me goosebumps. Please share this warning so that everyone can remember to check the peephole when staying at a hotel.

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