Hotel guest horrified to discover peephole staring into her room – rather than out into the hallway

After a few days of staying at Hilton Cairo Zamalek Residences, guest Dina Kamal noticed something shocking: the peep hole on her door was reversed, looking into her room’s entrance, which lay adjacent to the washroom.

It’s also “where the closets were (an area of getting dressed / undressed) and directly facing the bed,” she writes in her Facebook post.

From the outside looking into the room: bathroom to the right, closets to the left and bed straight ahead. Facebook/Dina Kamal

Dina realized something was off when she discovered that the peephole cover, which would normally be inside the room, was on the other side of the door instead — as is clear in the photo below she snapped from the hallway.

Facebook/Dina Kamal

She immediately went to management and explained the problem.

“The managers apologized and I ended up not paying for my stay,” Dina writes on Facebook, “but I was still baffled at the situation; a complete violation of privacy!”

See Dina’s original post below:


How creepy! The thought of a stranger staring into my room from the hallway gave me goosebumps. Please share this warning so that everyone can remember to check the peephole when staying at a hotel.

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