Nobody knows why boy is washing cars: then neighbor sees why and immediately calls for help

I remember the long school summers when I was a kid when we could run freely between the neighboring houses in our quiet little town. There were hardly any cars and when we got too hot we always cooled off in the nearby lake.

We played games, picked blueberries when we were hungry and sometimes, late in the evenings we went and searched for golf balls in the woods. We then washed them and sold them to our parents so we could buy candy in our tiny neighborhood store.

We didn’t have a care in the world and enjoyed every second of freedom, before school started again.

I clearly remember shopping for school supplies with my mom and ticking off all the items on the list; getting excited about going to my new class with all my new purchases.


But for some children, a new school year can be a worrying time.

Javari and his three siblings, Terren, Nate and Ayanna live with their mother Schancy in Florida.

Because the family don’t have a lot of spare cash for school supplies, Javari had figured out a plan to earn some money over the summer.

To raise the vital funds he needed he planned to wash cars for $20 and went about his neighborhood asking residents if they wanted their cars washed.

Posted by Jessica Detrick on Monday, 26 March 2018

When he called at the home of Jessica Detrick and Jonathan Haltam, he had no idea the help he was about to receive.

Jessica immediately said yes and when she asked what he would be spending the money on, her heart melted when Javari told her why.

She knew she had to do something to help Javari and his siblings.

Posted by Jessica Detrick on Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Jessica wrote on her Facebook page:

“This morning a boy knocked on my door asking to wash my car for $20. Instantly I said yes because I’m a sucker for kids. Jonathan Haltam and I proceeded to ask him what he was saving his money up for, he replied “school supplies and school clothes” breaking our hearts into a million pieces we knew we wanted to do more for him.

“The owner of my job Jon Proechel helped me get my shift covered for tonight and donate $100 towards helping javari get school things!!!! He is going into his freshman year of high school (we all know how nerve racking that is.) he wants to be an engineer and he’s the second oldest of 4 siblings.

“When asked if there was anything specific he wanted, he replied a nice pair of shoes and a scientific calculator. We were able to get him a pair of tennis shoes, slides, a packet of socks, 2 binders, 8 packs of notebook paper, pencils, notebooks, a pencil pouch, a scientific calculator, And a book bag. I am happy, and I am blessed.”

But the goodwill of the couple did not end there. They also started an appeal on Facebook so that Javari’s siblings could also afford new clothes and school supplies before school started.

They had no idea they would get the response they did. In just six days, 213 people had donated a total of $ 4,410! Both the children and their mother were delighted with the generosity of such kind-hearted people.

Javari’s mom wrote on Facebook:

“Hello everyone I thought it would be great to show you a picture of the children you all are funding for this entire school year. This is truly a blessing to my family. Javari, Terren, Nate and Ayanna thank you from the bottom of their hearts. As mom I thank each of you.”

What a wonderful act of kindness by Jessica, Jonathan and all the others who generously donated.

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