Kate Middleton gets new nickname from royal fans in nod to Princess Diana

Princess Diana is deeply missed by many people – all over the world.

When she died in a tragic car accident in Paris in 1997, she was mourned by millions. Diana’s boys, meanwhile, Prince William and Prince Harry, were victims of the emotional chaos that losing a mother entails.

But today, her son’s have grown up into strong, confident men and formed their own, loving families. And of course, Diana’s legacy lives on through her boys and their families.

Just take the Duchess of Cambridge as an example.


Catherine Middleton, who is mom to Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, has a lot in common with her late mother-in-law. Alongside her philanthropic drive and love of children, Kate Middleton also shares Lady Diana Spencer’s sense of style. Mother-of-three Middleton referenced her husband’s late mother once more at 2020’s BAFTA awards. 

The future Queen has been very committed to the coming generation of British kids. Among many other things, Kate has taken the initiative to a survey focused on getting Britons to share their views on how to raise children in the best way.

‘Last week I launched a UK wide survey on early childhood because I want to hear society’s views about raising the next generation’, the Duchess said, according to People.


She has also spent a lot of time traveling and families across the country – hearing about the issues and challenges they deal with day-to-day.

“There’s a lot more engagement from parents in general and particularly fathers who want to be involved in this early stage of development,” Kate said.

Last week, she surprised a preschool in London and helped the teachers serve a breakfast of milk, cereal and fruits. She discussed how important it is for children’s development to eat nutritious food.

The commitment to young children has given Kate her new nickname – a nickname which is very similar to Princess Diana, who was known as the ‘People’s Princess’.


Some people are now referring to Catherine as the ‘Children’s Princess’ because of her love and dedication for children.

On her Instagram account, one fan commented ‘Children’s Princess! Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cambridge and our future Queen!’

Another wrote: ‘Catherine is definitely the children’s princess’ and a third said: ‘Duchess Catherine truly is a Children’s Princess.’

Last week, the Duchess surprised nursery pupils at LEYF Stockwell Gardens Nursery and Pre-School in London with a breakfast of milk, cereal and fruits and discussed with trainee chefs how important it is for children’s development to provide children with nutritious meals.

I think you’re doing an amazing job, Catherine – keep up the good work! Share this article if you agree!