Kate Middleton reveals what her kids think of her singing voice
Kate Middleton, Prince William

Kate Middleton says her children “wouldn’t forgive her singing” ahead of Christmas concert

In all likelihood, Prince William and Kate Middleton are getting ready to celebrate Christmas with their family. As per reports, they’re set to spend the holidays with King Charles, Camilla, and other Royal Family members at the royals’ Sandringham Estate.

And yet one set of former royals are not likely to be there.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are reportedly not welcome to spend Christmas with the royals. Of course, it’s no secret that has much to do with their newly-released documentary series. 

Last week, William and Kate brought their two eldest children, Prince George, and Princess Charlotte, to Westminster Abbey, where the Princess of Wales hosted her second annual Christmas carol concert.

We already know that Kate has quite a talent for the piano, but she’s now revealed that her children have very strong opinions when it comes to her singing

Kate Middleton

William and Kate will soon be heading into their short Christmas break, a period wherein they get to spend the days with their children and the rest of the family. Naturally, Harry and Meghan’s new documentary series might have put the paid to any plans King Charles and Camilla had regarding getting into the holiday spirit.

And that’s not to mention what the Sussexes had to say about William and Kate.

Upon meeting the future king and queen for the first time, Meghan Markle recalled how she was heading into unknown territory.

Kate Midleton criticized by Meghan in documentary

Though she and Kate reportedly got along pretty well initially, their relationship today is not what it once was.

In the aforementioned documentary series, Meghan recalls her first meeting with Kate – heaping plenty of criticism on the Princess of Wales.

Meghan, Harry, William, and Kate are said to have met for a couples’ dinner the first time the four of them where in the same room together.

Yet though it was an intimate gathering, Kate showed less outward affection than Meghan would’ve liked.

In the series, Meghan took a swing at Kate for being reserved, and not as welcoming as the former actress expected her to be. Even behind the scenes, formality appears to be essential for the Royal Family’s most senior members.

“When Will and Kate came over, and I met her for the first time, they came over for dinner, I remember I was in ripped jeans, and I was barefoot,” Meghan recalled.


“I was a hugger. I’ve always been a hugger, I didn’t realize that that is really jarring for a lot of Brits.”

William and Kate “avoiding the documentary”

She continued: “I guess I started to understand very quickly that the formality on the outside carried through on the inside. There is a forward-facing way of being, and then you close the door and go ‘You can relax now’, but that formality carries over on both sides. And that was surprising to me.”

Harry continued by saying that the royals were “incredibly impressed when they first met Meghan. However, later in the series, he described how Willian and Kate were treated differently to himself and his partner. Ultimately he and Meghan couldn’t tolerate it.

“They were happy to lie to protect my brother,” Harry said, adding that he and Meghan were the victims of “institutional gaslighting.”

“They were never willing to tell the truth to protect us.”

Despite the new allegations against the monarchy and the Royal Family, William, Kate, Charles, and Camilla haven’t publicly commented on Harry and Meghan’s new series.

In fact, a Buckingham Palace source told People that the Prince and Princess of Wales are avoiding the documentary. They reportedly have no plans to watch it at all.

Prince Harry, Meghan Markle

The final three episodes of the series were released Thursday last week. The very same evening, Willam and Kate presented a united front as they – along with two of their children, George and Charlotte – attended the annual Christmas concert at Westminster Abbey, which the Princess of Wales was hosting.

George and Charlotte join their parents for Christmas concert

Upon arriving outside the Abbey, members of the public greeted the royals, with some screaming: “Kate, we love you,” and “Prince William, we love you,” according to the Mirror.

Around 1,800 people, including Princess Eugenie and Beatrice, attended the second carol concert hosted by Kate Middleton. It’s staged to recognize the “selfless efforts of individuals, families, and communities across the UK, and celebrate and showcase the joy that human connection and togetherness can bring.”

Moreover, this year was even more special. Kensington Palace announced in a statement that they were also dedicating the event to the late Queen Elizabeth and the values that Her Majesty demonstrated throughout her life. That included “duty, empathy, faith, service, kindness, compassion and support for others.”

Prince Louis did not attend the concert with his parents. However, on Christmas Day, when the royals complete their traditional 300-meter walk from Sandringham to St Mary Magdalene Church for a church service, the young prince will be at the front and center of the walk. That’s at least according to Daily Mirror insiders.

Kate Middleton, Prince William
Chris Jackson/Getty Images

The Palace has not officially confirmed Louis’ appearance and role at the Sandringham walk. However, sources tell the Mirror that William and Kate’s children will “add a touch of lightness” just months after the Queen’s death, as she always appeared during the traditional walk.

Kate Middleton’s piano skills

Given her status within the Royal Family, Kate Middleton faces a lot of pressure. It makes sense to assume that she needs to have some hobbies to help relieve stress and give herself something else to focus on from time to time.

The Princess of Wales reportedly has several different such hobbies that she balances with her many royal duties and life in service to the Crown. One of those hobbies that certainly left people surprised was her piano playing, which she showcased for the world during the Royal Carols: Together At Christmas television program last year.

The Princess of Wales and Scottish singer-songwriter Tom Walker performed his song For Those Who Can’t Be Here together. Kate’s skills on the piano – a reported childhood passion of hers – were terrific, and people were left impressed.

By all accounts, Kate has mastered many things over the years. Not only has she become a powerful and socially skilled royal, but she has also learned to play the piano and tennis during her free time.

Kate Middleton

Kate caught the eye of the public through her live performance at Westminster Abbey. She began taking lessons back in the 1990s, alongside her mother, Carole, and siblings Pippa and James.

“She always did everything she was told”

In 2012, Kate’s piano teacher, Daniel Nicholls, spoke about how great of a student she was. The Princess reached grade three out of eight.

“Kate came for lessons from about 10 or 11 until she was 13, about 1993 to 1995. She was absolutely lovely, a really delightful person to teach the piano,” Nicholls told the Evening Standard.

“I don’t think anyone would say she was going to be a concert pianist, but she was good at it. She always did everything she was told. I actually taught the whole family except Mike – Carole, Pippa and James, and again they were just absolutely lovely people, normal piano pupils.”

Not only has Kate used piano playing as a fun hobby, but during the Covid-19 lockdown, it was “very important” to her, a royal source told Hello!.

“Playing the piano brought great comfort to her,” the royal insider said. “She played a lot during lockdown. She also recognizes the powerful way in which music brings people together – especially during difficult times.”

Kate Middleton

Simply put, Kate has a natural talent for playing the piano. However, her musicality doesn’t impress her children – at least not where her singing is concerned.

Kate Middleton reveal her children don’t like her singing voice

Before the Christmas carol concert service, Kate was heard speaking to singer Alfie Boe about her music skills – and revealing that her children “wouldn’t forgive her singing.”

They simply don’t think she has a good singing voice.

“On the piano you can slightly hide away a bit more than you can do singing,” the Princess said.

“Actually my children probably wouldn’t forgive me – I’m not sure whether they think I’ve got a particularly good singing voice. I’ll have to have some lessons.”

It should go without saying that Kate has a broad range of talents and hobbies. Yet it seems there’s one thing she has never managed to master.

When Kate attended the Rugby League World Cup quarter-finals to watch England play Papua New Guinea, during halftime, the Princess met with volunteers from a social impact program which aims to improve the lives of the people living in both cities and towns where the host matches are played during the World Cup.

Kate Middleton
Paul Edwards-Pool/Getty Images

Kate received several gifts during the meeting, including soap and knitted hats.

“Terrible” at knitting

The hats had been created by a person named Susan Hill – to whom Kate revealed that she is also knitting. Unfortunately, however, it seems like it’s not her best skill.

“I tried knitting once and I was terrible at it, so I’ll have to come for lessons,” Kate said. Susan responded: “It’s easy when you know how.”

It’s not the first time Kate has been open regarding her knitting skills. In 2020, she visited an organization supporting grandparents called Older Yet Wiser during a trip to Bradford.

A grandmother showed off the crocheting skills she had developed, with Kate revealing that she had tried to knit her son, George, a jumper. Sadly, the Queen-to-be’s efforts didn’t go according to plan.

“I tried knitting when I first had George. I tried to knit him a very special jumper, but I got halfway down and it splattered,” Kate explained. “It’s such an amazing skill.”

Kate Middleton

Though knitting might not be her thing, it’s become abundantly clear now that Kate has plenty of qualities.

Kate’s gardening skills

For example, she loves gardening – the Princess even designed a garden that went on show at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show.

The garden was described as being “inspired by childhood memories triggered by the natural world, as well as special moments that will be created and treasured by families now and in the future.”

Luckily for Kate, she won’t get any competition at home regarding who can has the final say on the garden.

“My wife does all the gardening,” William said. “I really like it but I have no idea what I’m doing.”

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