Kidnapped 20 year old was not raped and murdered: thanks to 1 trick that her mother taught her

Going home alone late at night is something many women try to avoid. But it sometimes can’t be avoided. Thankfully, it is still usually safe to do so, though this may depend on various factors such as location and exact time.

Life took a sudden turn for Jordan Dinsmore when she was just 20 years old.

Jordan found three strange men waiting outside her apartment one day when she returned home from work.

And their intentions were not good.

Jordan Dinsmore
Facebook/Jordan Dinsmore

The three men stole Jordan’s debit cards and valuables before they forced her into her car — at gun point.

She was forced to drive as none of the men knew how to drive her standard shift car. They then told her she would be forced to have sex with at least one of them.

The situation was terrifying, but Jordan knew that she had to do think and act fast, so she thought, “What would mom do?”

Jordan Dinsmore
Facebook/Jordan Dinsmore

Indeed, Jordan’s life could have certainly ended in tragedy if it had not been for her remembering something her mother had once told her, who had also managed to avoid a sexual assault in college, Jordan told ABC News 4.

Her mother’s sound advice soon echoed in her head: “Do not let them be alone with you.”

“My mom always told me, ‘don’t let them get you alone, because then you have no help, you have no hope for passerby’s to see you or hear you, and you have no help to get out.”

Being in a car, however, left Jordan with few options: either she would risk being raped and potentially losing her life — or she had to jump out of the car while it rolled.

Jordan Dinsmore
Facebook/Jordan Dinsmore

An obvious choice

But suddenly, based on her mom’s advice, the choice became clear: Jordan opened the door and threw herself out.

A nearby car soon stopped and helped Jordan, who, under the circumstances, was fine. Today she says that the only thing she regrets from that day is that she could not see the men’s reactions as she leaped out.

“They were in a moving vehicle, without a driver, and a 20-year-old girl just outsmarted you,” she says. “I wish I could’ve seen their faces at that moment, so that they knew that I might have been a victim, but I was not victimized.”

Two of the men were later arrested.

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