Kind teacher anonymously uses stimulus check to pay utility bills for 3 of his students’ families

People become teachers for many different reasons, but I like to think at the heart of every teacher is a burning passion to mould the next generation into the best one yet.

Of course, doing so is easier said than done, especially in these difficult times. Even so, the very best teachers will always go that extra mile for their students, and sometimes even their families.

High school teacher Kent Chambers has worked at Bob Jones High School in Madison, Alabama, since 1986.

Over the years, he has seen a great deal and encountered thousands of students with ambitions and dreams.

But Kent has also had met many students who are struggling. He’s used to helping, used to giving – after all, he’s positively influenced thousands of young lives as an educator.

Rick Karle WVTM 13

Due to the current corona situation, many in the United States have lost their jobs – but Kent has been fortunate to retain his role as a teacher.

That’s something he’s very grateful for. So when he and his wife Pat received $2,400 in stimulus payment, they decided to use the money to help people who are less fortunate.

“I’m actually in better shape because I’m not having to pay for gas to drive to work and I’m still getting paid exactly the same amount,” Kent told, continuing:

“There’s no need for me to take the money and splurge and do something reckless with the money. Let’s help somebody who really needs it.”

The first thing Kent did when he got the money was pay the utility bills for three of his students. The payments, of $600, were made anonymously, according to Kent. The families will just see they have zero balance. The money should cover the bills for about two months.


But Kent didn’t stop there.

He also donated $600 to the burn care center at Shriners Hospital for Children in Cincinnati. The reason? The hospital has taken good care of his niece, who suffered burns in a house fire.

As you probably know, the pandemic has hit American society hard, with many companies feeling the resulting sting.

Pat, Kent’s wife, is also doing what she can to support local businesses. For example, she has continued to pay her membership at the gym -– even though the gym has been closed for several weeks.

We’re fine”, said Kent.

“But others are not. I hope that other folks will think of doing the same.”

I think this story really shows that we can change things in this crisis. Have you still got your job? Make sure to support those who may not be as fortunate. Do you have some money left over from your salary? Maybe you can help a local business that is struggling right now?

Next time, you may be in need of help yourself! Together we will cope with this pandemic, but it will never happen if we are selfish and only think of ourselves.

So please share this article on social media and hopefully Kent and Pat’s actions will inspire more to do good. If only one person reads this article and gets inspired, so much is gained. Thanks for sharing!