Legally blind high school senior wins first ever state title – in wrestling

Disabled athletes are some of the most inspirational people. I’m sure countless numbers have been told they can’t achieve their dreams because of their disability but they go on regardless.

So many are achieving goals that most able-bodied people could only dream about, they are a lesson to us all that we shouldn’t let opinions get in the way of our dreams.

One perfect example of this is high school senior Jay Spencer. The Alabama wrestler has been legally blind since he was three years old.

Now he’s the first to achieve a state title in the sport and shares an inspirational message we should all take notice of.


The St. John Paul II High School student was diagnosed with an inherited retinal degenerative disease known as LCA 10, when he was 3 years old.

He can see out of the corner of his left eye but only if he tilts his head.

Yet he’s never let his reduced vision stop him from achieving his dream.

He’s been a wrestler since he was around 5 years old.

“It does have some challenges, but I can ask coach, ‘Can you practice that one with me?’ or say ‘Let me work it on you and correct me if it’s wrong’; nothing that things like that can’t fix,” Spencer explained.

His coach James Dowd says he’s the hardest working wrestler adding that his star athlete has just made it work.

“He knows that he has to put in extra work. He won’t admit it, but he’s behind the power curve, because it’s not easy to show him moves,” he said. “You don’t show him anything, everything is a feel for him.”

His amazing work ethic has led Spencer to achieve an honor nobody at his school has achieved before – the first wrestler to win a state title for the school.

Spencer had some inspirational words for all the kids out there who think there is an obstacle in the way of achieving their dreams.

“Don’t let what anyone thinks about you change how you think. As long as you believe you can do something, then you can,” he said.

Find out more about this amazing young man in the video below.

Huge congratulations to Spencer! This young man is clearly going far, and all while being a wonderful example to others.

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