After life with Elvis and Tom Jones: Priscilla Presley’s new love lives in a caravan

Priscilla Presley was half of one of the world’s most famous relationships when she was married to Elvis Presley. She lived with The King between 1967 and 1973 and they had one daughter together: Lisa Marie.

Four years later Elvis tragically died, and since that day fans around the world have mourned. His music lives on today – there’s nothing else like it!

Priscilla has since been known for her membership in the infamous Church of Scientology, as well as for her work as a model and singer/songwriter.

As an Elvis fan myself, I just had to share this update with all his fans!

Priscilla was 14 years old when she met Elvis for the first time in West Germany. Two years later, Elvis invited her to stay in his home in Los Angeles for the summer. She came back to Graceland later that year to celebrate Christmas. By the next spring, Elvis had convinced her family to let Priscilla move to the US to a house nearby Graceland. It didn’t take long before she moved in with Elvis.

In Christmas 1966 they got engaged, and on May 1st 1967 they got married in Las Vegas. They welcomed daughter Lisa Marie the next year.

ELVIS PRESLEY, Priscilla, and a newborn Lisa Marie Presley, 1968.

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Now it seems that Priscilla, 72, who has also had a relationship with Tom Jones, has found love again! According to Radar Online she’s in a relationship with German national Matthias Granic, 58. And he’s a little bit different from Priscilla’s previous loves.

Priscilla Presley i London 2014. Photo: See Li/Wikimedia commons

Matthias Granic lives in a trailer park for retirees in Hemet, California, and it’s causing some raised eyebrows among fans.

Matthias has described his first meeting with Priscilla as “amazing”, and says that “sparks flew”.


According to Radar Online, the pair met at a Christmas party organised by Universal Studios in Los Angeles.

“When she walked past me, we locked eyes and she gave me a little smirk,” he says.


Matthias explains that he’s completely smitten with Priscilla, and describes how beautiful she is.

“I’m 6 feet tall and she’s so tiny and delicate. Sure, she’s had some work done, but her skin is like porcelain. She looks amazing.”

After meeting at the Christmas party, the pair have kept in touch by email and their relationship has developed from there.

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