A 6-year-old’s big moment meeting the Queen ends in tears when she gets a slap in the face

Adorable Maisie Gregory had been excitedly waiting for her big moment since the early hours of the morning.

The 6-year-old was dressed in traditional Welsh costume representing her home country and ready to greet the 93-year-old Queen of England in Cardiff, Wales.

Queen Elizabeth II was meeting members of the Royal Welsh military regiment. Maisie’s father, Martin, is its Regimental Sergeant Major.

But as her big moment finally arrived it would suddenly end in tears when a soldier accidentally hit her in the face.

Maisie was dressed beautifully as she greeted the Queen, handed her a bouquet of flowers and curtsied as she passed her by.

The Queen told Maisie she looked “very pretty” and said “God Bless” before leaving, reports Wales Online.

But as the Queen left the room something happened that completely took Maisie by surprise.

The moment six-year-old Maisie Gregory was accidentally knocked in the face by a soldier saluting Britain’s queen was…

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As the soldier standing next to Masie saluted he accidently hit Maisie in the face, knocking her hat off and leaving her stunned.

She lets out a big “ow” but the soldier stays firmly saluting his monarch.

See the moment in the clip below. I feel so bad for this little girl!

According to news reports the soldier immediately apologised to Maisie and her mom, after the Queen had left the building.

“Today is supposed to be all about my husband and the regiment, but it’s a big moment for our family,” Maisie’s mom Joanna told Wales Online.

Maisie’s dad told the BBC that Maisie cried at first but now finds it funny.

Here you can see it all from a different angle:

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