Little puppy Rocky found crying in back yard – without any ears

Meet Rocky! He’s a cute and playful puppy. This, of course, isn’t unusual. But in Rocky’s case it’s strange, because early on in his life he experienced a traumatic experience that has left its mark on the adorable pup.

It all started when a resident of Oklahoma City heard a desperate crying sound coming from behind their yard.

They went to investigate and found the 3 month old puppy, and what they saw shocked them. The poor puppy had had his ears cut off. He was immediately taken into the care of an animal rights organisation, where he was given the name Rocky, writes Oklaholma’s News 4.

WARNING: The pictures below may be upsetting to some readers. 

Rocky was taken care of by a vet and has since found a foster family to live with. TV reporter Caroline Vandergriff got to meet the sweet little puppy. She uploaded a video of him and wrote:

“Rocky is happy and healthy (with his hearing intact!) depite the horrific injury!”.

Caroline was deeply moved by Rocky’s plight and by how good he is to people despite what he’s been subjected to. Now he’s been forced to start out his life recovering from these dreadful injuries.

OKC Animal Welfare is looking for the person who intentionally cut off this sweet puppy's ears. Rocky is happy and…

Posted by Caroline Vandergriff on Monday, 27 November 2017

Caroline explains that Rocky receives medication, but that his injuries most likely still cause him pain.

In the comments people ask “How could anyone do this?!” and I can only agree with them. That’s the big question that police in Oklahoma City are now trying to figure out.

Now Caroline is encouraging people to share this video, so that police in Oklahoma can find out who committed this terrible crime against a poor puppy.

Please share so OKC Animal Welfare can find the person who cut off this sweet puppy's ears! #JusticeforRocky

Posted by Caroline Vandergriff on Tuesday, 28 November 2017

This is just too terrible! Reading Rocky’s story just makes me so angry that anyone could do something like this to an animal.

Share this story to help us thank the animal lovers who work everyday to rescue pets like Rocky! 

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