Lone pensioner dumped in emergency room – then man in cap steps forward, says 5 words that change everything

Getting old can be the best time of your life – it’s a time for grandchildren, retirement and everything else you’ve looked forward to all your life. But for some people, it’s a lonely and scary time. An elderly woman learnt this the toughest way possible when she was thrown out of a hospital in Fort Campbell, Kentucky.

At the same time, Ashley Cherry was sat in the waiting room and saw something she’s never going to forget.

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Ashley was at the hospital to offer her husband support, when a woman in a wheelcair rolled in. The old woman had come to the emergency room, but had been sent out of the waiting room as she had already had her appointment. Then Ashley heard her tell the receptionist that she didn’t have any family at home to come and collect her.

She sat there, alone and helpless – with no way to get home.

Ashley was immediately upset. But then a man stepped up and did something heroic.

“I was saddened to see some (not all) of the employees’ lack of concern as to how she would get home. All of the sudden this AMAZING gentleman who had been waiting with his wife approached the lady and told her he would gladly take her home,” Ashley writes in a post on Love What Really Matters.


Facebook/Love What Really Matters

Neither the old woman or the man knew each other, and the man had no idea where the woman lived. But despite that, he immediately stepped up to offer her a ride home.

“This man not knowing her or having a clue where she lived volunteered his time to care of this lovely woman. She offered to pay but he kindly declined like any good man would,” Ashley wrote.

The man’s name is Jeffery. Ahsley soon found out that he was in the military and stationed nearby the hospital, after talking to the man’s wife.

Jeffery went out to collect his vehicle and drive the woman home. Ashley helped to wheel the woman out of the hospital and into the truck.

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Ashley and Jeffrey made sure that the woman got seated comfortably in the truck. Ashley was deeply moved by the man’s touching gesture.

“As he went to get his truck I wheeled her out and put her in the vehicle. As I watched them drive away my only thoughts were ‘there are still great people in this world’ ‘and ‘We have to care for our elders like this nice man.’ Not only does this man serve our great country, he serves his great little community. Thank you Sir!”

So far the Facebook post has received over70 000 like and thousands of shares. It isn’t hard to see why.

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