Loving family adopts orphan from Uganda. But when she learns English, she reveals the horrible truth

Children are truly a blessing.

It breaks my heart to think of all the children in the world who are in need of a happy, loving home. When a family opens up their hearts and adopts a child in need, it’s truly the most beautiful thing in the world.

That’s what Jessica and Adam Davis wanted to do when they adopted a little girl from Uganda, and they were overjoyed when they welcomed 6-year-old Namata into their home.

However, it wasn’t long before Namata’s English improved and she began telling the couple stories about her mom and home back in Uganda.

And what she said horrified her adoptive parents.

Jessica and Adam Davis are a loving couple from Ohio. They already had four children of their own when they decided that they wanted to adopt a child.

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They did their research and went through the lengthy and expensive process of adopting internationally. They wanted to make sure that their adoption was completely above board – they paid USD $65 000 and went through stacks of paperwork and a year of formalities to complete the process, reports CNN.

Finally, they were able to welcome 6 year old Namata to her new home.

They adopted Namata from Uganda, which the couple had read is the country with the highest need of adoptive parents. The couple were told that Namata’s father was deceased, and that her mother had neglected the little girl, failing to nuture the child or provide adequate food and care.

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“Everything… she unraveled to be a lie.”

Namata – who the family nicknamed Mata – fit right into her new family, playing happily with her new siblings and picking up English quickly. However, as her English improved, Mata told her adoptive parents some stories that just didn’t fit with the information they’d been given about her past in Uganda.

“I came to realize that she was telling me something vastly different—and vastly more important,” Jessica writes. Namata told Jessica that her mother was a good mom, who walked her to school every day and took good care of her.

Not a single detail in her adoption papers about the neglect and abuse she’d suffered was true.

“The only trauma this child ever experienced was because we essentially placed an order for a child,” Adam tells CNN. “She was home and happy with her mother, until they selected her for us.”

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Stolen from her family

When Jessica and Adam had visited Namata in Uganda shortly before adopting her in 2015, she had been in an orphanage with no toys and with bars on the windows.

However, her mother was in their village four hours away, believing that her daughter had been sent away temporarily for school.

Local traffickers had entered a church in Namata’s village and approached her mother about an opportunity for Namata’s to receive an education in America for two years.

Her mother believed that Namata would be returned to her, and had no idea that she was signing away her parental rights.

When Jessica and Adam discovered what had happened, they contacted an organization called Reunite Uganda. They found Namata’s real mother in Uganda and were able to arrange a video call between Namata and her mother.

Not long after, they reunited Namata with her mother in Uganda.

You can watch a newsclip about the unbelievable story below.

I’ve read this story again and again and I still can’t believe anyone could do this to a vulnerable, unsuspecting family. Jessica and Adam are truly incredible people for making this right and reuniting Namata with her mother.

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