Man grabs seagull and bashes it against the wall in front of horrified children

Seagulls are a symbol of the seaside in the UK; as soon as you hear that loud caw sound, you know you’re by the ocean.

They can be greedy birds and have been known to steal the food from your lap, if you’re not careful.

But one man decided that the seagull who knocked the fries from his hand should be punished in a way that left those around him traumatized.

Now he’s been punished for his offence, which has shocked animal lovers around the world.

John Llewellyn Jones, from Cardiff, Wales was enjoying a bag of fries while on a day trip to Weston-super-Mare, a seaside town in the south of England.

As usual the seagulls were hovering above ready to swoop in and grab any food that might fall to the ground.

But one particularly bold seagull swooped in a knocked the food from the 64-year-old’s hand.

Photo: Shutterstock

He then grabbed the protected bird by the leg and bashed it against a wall, killing it.

His actions shocked those who witnessed the barbaric act, including children, the RSPCA said, according to The Mirror.

Jones was found guilty and given a 12-week curfew, according to the article.

Such a terrible thing to do and I cannot imagine having to witness this cruel act.

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