Man blocks two traffic lanes with his truck in bad weather, reason why will blow you away

When the weather is bad we all expect our news feeds to overflow with stories of serious crashes and injuries as people’s safety is put at risk on the roads.

One man in Georgia felt the need to halt traffic on a particularly wintry day, upsetting some vehicles traveling behind him, but the reason why will restore your faith in humanity.



A woman named E’Ondria Weems was driving behind this gentleman when he suddenly turned his truck into a barricade and got out.

When E’Ondria (pictured above) realized why he had brought traffic to a stop she began filming.

The driver braved the fierce winter winds wearing only a black shirt and baseball hat and rushed to the aid of a pedestrian in need of help.

An elderly gentleman using a walker had been attempting to cross the busy street. The good Samaritan saw this, and instantly raced to his aid.

Then the kind-hearted truck driver changes position, walking between the moving vehicles and his needy companion. This forces everyone to a complete stop, so the gentleman with the walker can cross the street safely.

As soon as the pair reach the opposite side of the road, the compassionate driver delivers a gentle pat on the back. Then, as he returns to his own vehicle, he continues to check to make sure the elderly man is okay.

E’Ondria was so moved by this act of kindness that she posted the footage on Facebook. “Y’all, this man stopped traffic to help him,” read her brief caption, “…and my heart.”

Watch the video below to see the good Samaritan in action and don’t forget to share with your friends. This man is a true inspiration and deserves to celebrated!