Man sees young boy dumped in shopping mall and realizes he must act quickly to save him

All children need a loving home, raised by responsible adults who put their needs first, but not every child gets what they so rightly deserve.

What you’re about to see happen to a child in Brazil had me stunned and is unthinkable in a world where there are support services for parents who can’t cope.

According to UNICEF, around seven million children live in Brazil without parents and many of them live on the street. Nor is it unusual for some parents to dump their children because they simply cannot afford to provide for them.

That reality is very upsetting, but many organizations go to great lengths to protect these children and ensure that if their parents can’t or won’t cope they can assist.

What happened to this toddler in Brazil is so heartbreaking. Cameras captured a man carrying a young boy into a shopping mall and it appears that the mother is standing behind the doors watching.


Suddenly he looks around, puts the baby down on the floor – and runs away. Thankfully a man sitting nearby witnessed the horror and quickly stepped into action.


Called for help

The toddler is too small to understand what has just happened and he tries to run towards his mom, who left with what is believed to be the father. Fortunately the man stopped the toddler running out into the street and into danger and called for help.

Security officers at the shopping mall took the child into custody and transferred him to a nearby child-care center.

Together we can spread the word about these children who are abandoned so coldly by those who are supposed to protect them. Please share this heartbreaking story and help spread the word.