Man finds 500 dollars in the ATM and does the only right thing

Even though it’s fairly common to pay for things with card today, there are still plenty of people who rely on cash.

When Bobby Puryeas stopped by an ATM one day, he noticed that there were already a few hundred dollar bills there waiting to be taken.

He suspected that someone had forgotten to take their money, and went out of his way to find them.

Posted by Bobby Puryear on Monday, 5 September 2011

When he saw how much it was, he realized it was no small sum. Five hundred dollars sat in the ATM, a sum that is not usually taken out.

Bobby wanted to give back the money to its owner and therefore drove around the building and entered the bank. But when he entered the bank, the bank employee would not take the money.

Instead, she called her the boss.

But the boss didn’t know what to do with the money either. Bobby assumed he could find the owner, if they could just see who used the ATM before him.

The manager thought it sounded like a good idea, and said he would investigate and Bobby could go home. The next day, Bobby received a call from the bank.

They had managed to locate the owner and they found that the money belonged to a 92 year old woman named Edith.

Edith had been at the ATM to withdraw $480 for her rent payment, but had forgotten to take the banknotes.

Edith was overjoyed when she heard that Bobby had found the money that she wanted to give him the ‘extra’ 20 dollars as a reward.

It was all the money she had left to live on for the month.

But Bobby refused to take the money, and had an idea instead. He called the bank and asked the employee to deposit 200 dollars into Edith’s account.

When Bobby’s colleague heard what Bobby was doing, he wanted to help to, and chipped in 100 dollars.

When the bank manager heard what Bobby had done and explained it to his team, there were also several employees who wanted to contribute, and together they gathered another $300 for Edith.

“Today is a good day,” Bobby wrote on his Facebook page. What had started out as a big loss for Edith turned into a wonderful story. From losing $500 that she needed for rent, she received $600.

Since Bobby shared the story on Facebook, it’s been shared almost 200,000 times.

Nobody can help everybody, but everybody can help someone. Give a little extra thought to those in need this Christmas. You could make someone’s day.

I am stunned with the amount of friend request I am getting just from doing what's right, I must live in a bubble…

Posted by Bobby Puryear on Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Although he doesn’t have much money himself, he couldn’t stand the thought of Edith sitting at home alone with no money.

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